LDA $00

Woolly Mammoth Fuzz

This was made for my oldest brother. He was craving some sweet fuzz and had stumbled upon this Z.Vex pedal online and I had almost braggingly, told him that it was easy to build. This was a while back now and I finally worked up the courage to sit down and work on it. Compared to my other pedals, this has got to be the best one yet as the other leave much to be desired. But using this project as a way to create a new pedal that I could actually be proud of paid off. I only made a few mistakes during the process but all ended well. It is quite usable and I do enjoy the sound every now and then.

The only mistakes on this build was two makor things: I didn't plan out the battery placement so it ended up being only powered via the typical barrel jack connector, and I bought the wrong switch and there is no status LED.